Advice - Track & Trace 

Help us in keeping you safe.

With life starting to return to normal its more important than ever to help each each other keep safe and stay alert and control the virus to ensure we reduce the effect of second wave. As with many other business we have been forced to take extra steps (subject to change upon government guidelines) because of this you may notice a few changes with your journeys and what we ask of you when you choose to travel with us. 

Firstly please take your time to read through the current Government advice which is listed bellow. As much as we are over the moon you have chosen to travel with us we kindly ask that you postpone or cancel your travel if any of the following apply: 

You should not travel at all if you:

Our new Covid-19 measurements to keep everyone safe: 

We kindly ask you to: 

​If none of the above apply then we will be more than happy to pick you up.


We have taken Government advice and have chosen to adapted the following measures to keep you, our drivers and their families safe.

We Will:

  • wipe the car down before and after every journey.

  • where possible only use cars will full leather seats.

  • provide disposable masks for passengers to use. 

  • provide alcohol based hand sanitiser for our driver and passengers to use before and after every journey.  

  • limit passengers sitting in the front of our cars, where passenger limits allow. 

  • Have our drivers tested at a local Covid-19 testing facility when entitled todo so. 

  • wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol hand get before and after you enter one of our cars.

  • please keep a conscious distance between you and driver when loading and unloading the car. 

  • use a face covering while you travel with us especially if you are being picked up from an airport.

  • avoid touching your face covering or mask.

  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or the inside of your elbow when coughing or sneezing.

  • travel side by side or behind other people, rather than facing them, sit in the back of the cars where possible. 

  • We will clean the vehicle before and after you get in but please touch as few surfaces as possible.

  • open your windows to allow positive air circulation. 

  • before you travel minimise the time spent close to other people, where possible. 

  • avoid loud talking, shouting or singing while in our cars to reduce the spray. 

  • please take and dispose of your rubbish, tissues and used disposable face coverings appropriately and don't leave them in the cars. 

We ask that you kindly fill out our track and trace form bellow to help track who our drivers come in contact with. Should you fall ill after your journey please notify us ASAP and NHS track and Trace. We can then self isolate the driver and pass on the contact details of all the passengers to NHS Track and Trace since their last negative test to help limit the spread of Virus. 

COVID 19 - General travel Track and trace 

Help us keep our passengers and drivers safe 

Covid-19 - Boarding School Health Declaration

How are you feeling today? Please complete the following student contact track and trace form: